The maxim “time is money” is particularly relevant in relation to all aspects of shipping activity.

The “fixing” or chartering of vessels is generally the part of the shipping business transaction that any untrained individual might be able to negotiate.  However, like all contracts, it is the attention to specific details in each trade, sometimes for very small items, that can make a considerable difference to the efficient execution of each voyage and charter.  Sometimes,  a few dollars per tonne saved in the freight, can be lost thousands of time over because the details were not properly negotiated in the main charter contract.

Management of the process beyond the charter transaction enables us to assist the client companies through all the stages of the voyage, providing oversight and advice.


Voyage Charters

  • Market Analysis in the pre-fixture stage
  • Charter negotiation
  • Construction of charter contract
  • Voyage management, for example
    • Voyage/Employment Instructions
    • Including overseeing port calls
    • Selection and appointment of Agency
    • Disbursement Account Management
    • Continuous laytime assessment and agency performance
    • Stowage plans
    • Commercial operations (B/L & LOI)
    • Satellite tracking of all charter voyages, 24/7/365.
    • Voyage management in accordance with Charterparty


Time Charter Management

  • Vessel’s performance monitoring & analysis, minimising operational costs
  • Budgetary control & strategic planning
    • Underperformance Issue and Speed & Consumption Management
  • Bunker Related Issues (Claims, Check on bunker quantity, Risk & Opportunity management)
  • Weather routing service, application of criteria for cost minimization (best route, Eco-Speed VS Voyage TCE results, etc.) and voyage results optimization

Dispute Management

  • Charter party disputes management, negotiation and settlement (Cargo, Bills of Lading, Bunker, Speed and Consumption,Vetting/Approvals, etc)
  • Demurrage defence.
  • Liaising with P&I, FD&D Claims, Lawyers
  • Follow-up of arbitrations, Mediations and Lawsuits
  • Collision, General + Particular Average
  • Insurances Management (Charterer’s Liability, H&M, LOH, Mortgagee’s, etc)

Cargo Management

We can appoint expert supercargo to attend and supervise on the charters behalf loading and cargo operations.